Ten routes for walkers

(c) foto: Jorgen de Bruin

Lauwersmeer National Park offers great opportunities for walking. There is an extensive network of routes for walkers that take the visitor through waving reed beds, past beautiful fields of orchids and through young woodland.

The Forestry Commission has laid out ten signposted walking routes in the Lauwersmeer National Park, varying in length from 2 to 7½ km. These attractive routes take you to exceptional spots. You can buy a map of the Lauwersmeer area, showing the signposted walking routes, at the regional VVV (tourist) offices and from a large number of shops.

(c) foto: Hans Hut

Dogs on the lead

As a general rule you must keep your dog on the lead. There are a few places (including beaches) where your four-legged friend can run free. In a few places no dogs are allowed because of the free-roaming cattle. This is clearly stated on signs in the relevant places.