The main species of fish to be found in Lauwersmeer are bream and roach, but you can also try for zander and perch. You can expect to land many bream particularly from August to mid-October. The ide is also quite common here, making Lauwersmeer a real paradise for fly-fishers in the summer evenings. It is difficult to get close to the water from the bank, though you can advance quite far in waders. There are good places for anglers with a boat in the Vlinderbalg, the Oude Robbengat, and close to Oostmahorn and Lauwersoog. If you have your own boat, there is a free launching ramp..


NB: fishing permits

Yo can fish in Lauwersmeer *) with a Kleine Vispas (Small Fishing Permit) in the places where this is permitted. The following conditions and rules apply:


You must always be able to produce a Vispas (Fishing Permit) or a Jeugdvispas (Junior Fishing Permit).

If you do no wish to obtain a permit valid for the whole year, you can get one for a limited period of time from the local VVV (tourist) offices or from the recreational facilities around the Lauwersmeer National Park.

Fishing at night is not allowed.

On, close to or by the water you may not have more than 5 zander and/or more than 30 eels in your possession.

It is forbidden to take pike and carp home with you.

A multiple hook is only permitted in combination with an artificial lure

You are not allowed onto the banks of the dam, along the motorway.  

When fishing from a boat, you must stay 25 metres from these banks.

Parking is allowed only on the designated parking lots.  

Lauwersoog up to the sluices at Zoutkamp, with the exception of Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen and Ezumazijl. 

Fishing in the Wadden Sea

You can fish for flatfish and eels from the dikes and piers at Lauwersoog. You may find mullet in the harbours. In the spring it is possible to catch garfish in the deeper water around Lauwersoog, right up to the dikes. A number of boats for sport fishing depart from Lauwersoog so that you can fish for a whole day on the Wadden Sea or the North Sea.

More information

For further information please contact VVV Lauwersland.

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