Water sports

Sailing in a National Park... on the one hand, sailing is sailing, even here. You don't even notice that you're in a National Park. On the other hand: nature is very exceptional here. Almost anything is allowed: but there are places which you may not enter. This is always clearly indicated on the spot. And you must limit your speed. But the water that is available to you is wide and varied enough: 2,000 hectares of the Lauwersmeer National Park consists of water. And it offers something for everyone: it is an attractive place for water sports whether you are into canoeing, surfing or sailing in an open boat or a cabin cruiser (motor or sail).

Four marinas

Lauwersmeer is easily accessible from all directions: via the Reitdiep (from Groningen), the Dokkumer Ee (from Friesland) and the Robbengatsluis at Lauwersoog (from the Wadden Sea). There are four roomy marinas around the lake, all of them with every facility you could wish for:
Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen: Jachthaven Lunegat  T: 0511-408303
Lauwersoog: Jachthaven Noordergat:   T: 0519-349040
Oostmahorn: Jachthaven Oostmahorn:   T: 0519-321445
Zoutkamp: Jachthaven Hunzegat:    T: 0595-402875


In addition to the four marinas there are a number of special landing stages and (recreation) islands in the Lauwersmeer National Park where you can moor your boat. It's a pleasant experience (up to a depth of approximately 1.25 metres) in the sheltered spots by the islands in the lake. Deeper vessels can also access the Ballastplaat mooring. Naturally, it is not intended that you should moor just anywhere in the reedbeds or on the bank. You can easily anchor in many places: use a good deal of chain because of the soft ground and make sure you are sheltered from the wind.
You can also rent a boat, and it is possible to get sailing or surfing lessons. For more information please contact VVV Lauwersland.


Lauwersmeer National Park is a great place for sniffing around from your canoe. But make sure you respect the off-limits areas. There are many places from which you can launch a canoe. And there are various possibilities for renting a canoe.