Overnight accommodation

De Pomp natural campsite

In the southern part of the Lauwersmeer National Park, on the De Rijsdammen in Kollumerpomp, the Forestry Commission maintains the De Pomp natural campsite. The site is beautifully situated, in the middle of the Zomerhuisbos woodland and on the edge of the marvellous Kollumerwaard area of natural beauty. Campers go to sleep to the sound of the bittern booming and wake to the yodelling of the golden oriole. The campsite has 60 places for tents and caravans. This is a simple campsite with only the basic facilities.

Something for everyone

You can also find some dozens of other places where you can spend the night around the Lauwersmeer National Park - hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, bungalow parks and campsites. The facilities vary from simple to extremely luxurious. There's something for everyone.

More information

You can contact the VVV Lauwersland tourist office with your questions about overnight accommodation around the Lauwersmeer National Park.