Hosts National Park

Special consideration for our hosts and women of the National Park. These entrepreneurs have a recreation course at the National Park followed. They are well aware of the details of the National Park Lauwersmeer. They can advise you on walking, cycling, boating, the wide range of excursions and special plants and animals in the area.
You can identify these companies to wall plate Host Lauwersmeer National Park.
The following companies are host / hostess of the National Park:

IJssalon/Restaurant De Boeter, Zoutkamp
Restaurette Schier View , Lauwersoog
Sterkenburg Fish , Lauwersoog
Cruise-boat rental, marina
Marina Lunegat , Kollum
Rondvaartbedrijf Lauwersmeer , Oostmahorn
Boat rental Groningen Country , Winsum
The Bonnehof , Westergeest
Lytshuis Silver , Paesens
New Midhuizen , Westpolder
Wilgenheerd estate , Wehe-Den Hoorn
Noordbromo , Hornhuizen
Bed & Breakfast Unia Zathe , Ee
D'Olle Parsonage Bed & Breakfast , Vierhuizen
Outside Sports The Green Kicker , Pieterburen
De Horizon, Molenrij

Landal Esonstad , Ostmahorn
It Dreamlân , Kollumerpomp
Bie Diek , Kloosterburen
Camping Red Rooster , Warfhuizen
Camping Lauwerszee , Vierhuizen
Camping Landal Esonstad, Ostmahorn
Minicamping Cingelhoeve, Damwoude
Camping Lauwersoog , Lauwersoog

Group accommodation
Recreation Stay Boutsma Zathe , Engwierum
Battle Hammer , Westergeest
Robersum Recreation , Vierhuizen

More information
You can contact the Tourist Lauwersland For all your questions about accommodation around Lauwersmeer National Park.