The southern banks

A very extensive area

You can find the Kollumerwaard and the Zoutkamperplaat on the south side of the Lauwersmeer National Park: a very extensive area with grassy meadowns, wide reed beds and woodland that has appeared spontaneously.

This is a place particularly favoured by birds of prey, such as buzzard, marsh harrier and kestrel. It is also a favourite feeding ground for greylag geese. Here you will find the largest herds of 'big grazers' in the Lauwersmeer National Park. Both Scottish Highland cattle and Konik horses can be seen here.

Routes for walkers and cyclists

There are two signposted walking routes in the western part of the Kollumerwaard: Vogelroute (Bird Route - white), 7 km and Hooglanderroute (Highland cattle route - green), 2 km. There is a cycle path on the south side of the Kollumerwaard that takes you through Highland cattle territory. And there is a lookout hillock at the end of the Hooge Zuidwal on the Zoutkamperplaat. If you look to your left from the hillock you can see the patterns of bygone land reclamation still showing in the landscape. The path to the lookout point brings you face to face with Highland cattle and Konik horses. Keep your distance from these animals and they will not harm you.


The Kollumerwaard is in the southeastern part. It consists mainly of shallow water and extensive reed beds. There are also a number of recreational facilities, such as routes for walkers, a metalled cycle track and a number of lookout points. The wonderful lookout tower De Baak is well worth a visit. From here you get a marvellous view over the terrain. With a bit of luck you may even see a great egret or a bittern flying by.