Miss Ali's Land

Just to the south of the village of Lauwersoog is 'Miss Ali's Land', an exceptional small stretch of natural habitat named after an employee of Rijkswaterstaat who, in the 1980s, researched the plants growing here.

Orchid path

From the Strandweg you can enjoy the many purple-flowering orchids on Miss Ali's Land in May and June. The southern marsh orchid is the principal kind you will find here. Later, around the end of June and beginning of July, the marsh helleborine blossoms. The rarest type of orchid in the  Lauwersmeer National Park is the musk orchid. On the southern side of the area, along the Strandweg, you can find an information panel telling you about the orchids that occur here. The footpath marked blue (Orchideeënpad - Orchid Path - 7 km) takes you past several fields containing orchids.

Managing the mowing

Orchids thrive on land poor in nutrients. In order ot create the best possible conditions for these plants the Forestry Commission mows Miss Ali's Land in the late summer. The plant material is then removed to keep the land relatively infertile