Clean rainwater

On the Frisian side, just to the south of Ezumazijl, is the old sea dyke known as the Ezumakeeg. This area was originally destined for agriculture but was set up as a marshland many years ago. The area has been so designed that it can fill up with clean rainwater.

Paradise for birds

Because the water in the Ezumakeeg is so shallow, its is very attractive to all kinds of ducks and waders. Even spoonbills and great egrets can be regularly seen here. In brief, a paradise both for birds and for bird watchers. A herd of Konik horses wanders around the area. And the deer feel quite at home here too.

Marvellous view

From the bird watching hide in the southern part and the lookout point in the north you have a wonderful view over the flooded Keeg (= polder) and the many birds.